At Bravo Romeo Airsoft we champion fair game play and fun for everyone at our skirmishing events. Bravo Romeo Airsoft  game scenarios are planned and executed to a high standard by our team and are based around Close Quarter Battle (CQB) games in a woodland environment, objective based games and your classic woodland style games. Our site is situated in 100 acres of mature woodland which is split into various game zones which have been designed to enable fast moving, achievable and challenging games with a wide and varied selection of props from a downed helicopter, a fortified hilltop encampment and a Game Keepers Cottage.

 For your admin needs throughout the site there are 3 troop shelters. One is the main admin area where you will also find the food store and the site office/shop. The other  two can be found out in the game zones. At each of these you will find shelter from the elements along and a supply of drinking water. Our onsite shop stocks a variety of items that you may need through your days gaming.

The site opens on the first Sunday of every month at 0815 with signing on/Chrono testing from 0830, then a safety and first mission brief at 1000.

All weapons will be tested with a chronograph before being allowed into the game zone. FPS limits can be found on our rules page.

If you do not have your own equipment we can supply all that you need but please contact us before the day so it can be checked and put aside for your arrival.

We provide complimentary tea & coffee (summer months water/squash is also provided).