Cost for the day: £30

Training Days: £40 (minimum of 6 players)

Rental Package per day: £45

Rental Package includes: Entry, Hire Gun, 3000 BB’s, Full Face  Mask and One Piece Coveralls. If you require a rental package please contact us prior to the event to reserve one for you.

Your entry fee includes complementary tea and coffee.

Food: Hot dogs can be purchased but food must pre ordered when signing on.


We offer an annual site membership scheme at a cost of £30 starting from the day you apply. The membership scheme includes discounted games at a cost of £25, entry to a monthly pyro raffle, discounted RIF's from our approved retailer and free UKARA membership. You can apply at any of our monthly events or we can email you an application form.


Protective Equipment

All gamers under the age of 16 must wear a full face mask whilst in the Game Zone at all times.  All gamers over 16 are recommended to wear a full face mask, however, at their own risk they may  only wear approved safety eye protection at all times in the Game Zone.

Any gamer found not to be wearing his or her eye/face protection will be dealt with by a rule of three strikes:

Strike 1 – Verbal warning.

Strike 2 - Told to leave the current game.

Strike 3 - Told to leave the site without a refund.

All gamers must also wear suitable footwear, i.e. boots and not trainers.


We only allow the use of pyrotechnics on our site by players over the age of 18.

We stock a range of pyrotechnics that can be bought on site.

Grenade Kills:  In the open the kill zone is within a 5 metre radius of impact, in any structure any distance from impact. This does not apply if you are behind hard cover. 

Smoke Grenades – Do not use within any structure.

IED ’s – Please ask before use.

Permitted FPS/Engagement Distances

At the start of the day we will chronograph each players weapons using the weight of BB’s they intend to use throughout the day.

We reserve the right to randomly check gamers weapons throughout the day.

AEG up to 350 fps: No engagement restriction, however if you are a few feet away common sense prevails.

AEG  (DMR) 350 – 425 fps: RIF be fixed on single shot only with no engagement under 25m.

Spring Powered Sniper Rifles up to 500fps:  No engagement under 30m.

HPA – up to 1.13 Joule with any weight of BB (which is equivalent to a 0.20g BB at 350fps).

All pistol and shot guns up to 350 fps : no engagement restriction, however if you are a few feet away common sense prevails.


The rules for re-spawning will vary from game to game, therefore gamers will be brief on them before the start of each game. Dead men can’t talk!

Taking Hits

Nothing ruins a game more than gamers refusing to take their hits. Please if you are hit from a direct shot and not a ricochet state the following HIT, at the same time raising your hand in the air to indicate a hit. If gamers are found not to be taking their hits, the rule for eye/face protection will also apply on these occasions.

If you are shot by a member of your own team i.e. Blue on Blue, both gamers must adhere to the re-spawning rules for that particular game.

Gamers Behaviour

Abusive and threatening behaviour will not be tolerated at anytime. Please be aware that young children and ladies at times attend our events and therefore please mind your language.

Young gamers should not be used as cannon fodder.

Age Limit

The minimum age for a player at Bravo Romeo Airsoft:

Unaccompained by an adult is 13 years old.

Accompained by an adult is 11 years old.

The minimum age for renting equipment from Bravo Romeo Airsoft is 13 years old.